YIMBY Postcard 2 color-1YIMBY Postcard 2 color-2

YIMBY Postcard 3 color-1YIMBY Postcard 3 color-2

YIMBY Teaser 4 color-1YIMBY Teaser 4 color-2

YIMBY Teaser 3 color

YIMBY Teaser 2 b+w

YIMBY Teaser 1 b+w

YIMBY Teaser 1 b+w

YIMBY Postcard 4 b+w-2

YIMBY Postcard 4 b+w-1

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YIMBY Action Postcards

I made these cards for YIMBY Action, a group advocating for the building of more housing in the Bay Area with the goal of bringing down the cost of housing in San Francisco and the Bay Area. These cards are to be passed out as part of their initiative to make it easy for members to get attention to their cause.