West Alameda Retro Logo 1940s Posey Tunnel anchor

We included images of the iconic Posey tube first and foremost, with a silhouette of the USS Hornet just behind, and the San Francisco skyline and ubiquitous foggy sky behind that. We included an anchor to bring all the maritime history together.

I used the font Modern Sans which felt right at home in the art deco/post art deco timeframe we were looking for.

I also set them up with a variety of collateral with the new logo.

West Alameda Business Association Branding

I had the pleasure of working with the West Alameda Business Association to update and restyle their branding to fit the revised but retro-centric new businesses over in Alameda. Leaning deeply into their 1930’s & 40’s roots, we defined a palette and style that paid homage to the military hay-day of Alameda’s past, but with modern touches. We have one logo for their business association and another inviting visitors to explore the west side of the island.