SF Health Network

San Francisco Health Network Display Poster

San Francisco is a fun place, and SFHN wanted to play up the draw of working in the city for recent Med School Grads who are looking for career opportunities. Knowing that they are targeting people who got into the medical field because they want to make a difference, they wanted me to illustrate some of the major reason and stats surrounding why people come and work with SFHN.

I had fun playing with the funky perspective of San Francisco’s hillscapes, including references to landmarks, and adding little stereotypical characters throughout the city to show off different lifestyles. I think my favorite is the old lady reading a book on the rooftop garden, but the food truck is a close second. I also tried to include homages to the variety of architectural styles within the city, and even though I was bound by SFHN’s branding color scheme, I enjoyed the challenge and felt that it worked well with the city’s funky and colorful character.