Little Piggies Panel 1 web

Little Piggies Panel 2 web

Little Piggies Panel 3 web

Little Piggies Panel 4 web

Little Piggies Panel 5 web

They’re very rough sketches with loose watercolor to finish and didn’t bother erasing the pencil sketch underneath the painting. Not my typical style, so thought it was a good exercise in not letting a thing be too precious or perfect. And I felt that as a nursery rhyme, it worked pretty well in that style.


Little Piggies of San Francisco

Sometimes, I get songs or riddles stuck in my head and play with the words. I was riding around San Francisco the other day and got the Little Pigs nursery rhyme (for what reason, I don’t know) stuck in my head and got a little burst of inspiration to make these illustrations. Afraid of an idea lingering too long without implementing it, I whipped these up as soon as possible.