Web I was very happy to help this young, energetic non-profit get off the ground earlier this year. Called Loving Pup (if I recall my conversation with the founder correctly, I believe there is a play on words about a song called “Loving Cup” they attributed the name to), this non-profit organization is raising funds to help families pay for vital veterinary care they otherwise may not be able to afford.


Their dog Kaelen

Moved by an emergency operation they had to perform on their own beloved dog, Kaelen, they were struck by the high cost of emergency veterinary care and having been involved with local animal rescue for years, they bemoaned how some pet owners might have had to choose to put their animal down instead of pay for their emergency services and wanted to offer people an alternate option. They had already started getting their project off the ground when a mutual friend put us in touch to have me work on their logo and website needs. The name having been decided, they sent me some ideas for logos they liked and were hoping to have a similar feel to. They also wanted to incorporate their own pets into the graphic, and to be clear that their charity while called Loving “Pup” was not for dogs only, to include their cat, too.

We decided to go with a variety of bright, fun colors in the background for them to pick and choose from so that the pink of a heart didn’t dominate the feel of the site or project. I chose the green to work with on the website. For their site, I set them up with a solution using Squarespace. I put together the backend set-up, working with an existing template and uploading custom images and graphics to fill it out and give it the right character. The site is a very simple portal to link people to the cause, accept donations, and hopefully soon, get information about upcoming events. Home Page


Web They are starting small, working around their home base in Morristown, New Jersey, providing funds to local vets in their area, but hope to expand as the non-profit gets off the ground. Check them out at www.lovingpup.org.