As part of my ongoing work with the new Zuckerberg SF General, I worked on this wayfinding map for the newest building on the campus that just opened at the beginning of June, 2016.

ZSF building photo close

Crazy façade of the newest building.

Creating an easy-to-use map of the 9 floored building (7 stories plus basement and ground floors) with its crazy rounded-circle top floors was an interesting challenge. I created icons for the main resources visitors would need quick access to, as well as a guide for which level to find each service. My thought process there was that visitors were either looking for a specific service (making the chart the easiest way to get that info), or just reviewing what was on each floor, making the diagrams the easiest way to get that info. The diagrams were majorly simplified, only highlighting the corridors that visitors would need access to from the elevator or stair wells to those important services. It was also a challenge to make the icons legible at a relatively small size, so we color coded them as well to help make it more obvious what was what.

Wayfinding Map ZGH final 2016-06-1

Wayfinding Map ZGH final 2016-06-2

The piece is being tested with visitors now, and will evolve and change as we get feedback from those who interact with it. Pretty exciting to play a part in such a direct user experience project.