YIMBY Action Postcards

I did some work for YIMBY Action, a group advocating for the building of more housing in the Bay Area with the goal of bringing down the cost of housing in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I helped them make some postcards and teaser cards to pass out as part of their initiative to make it easy for members to get attention to their cause.

YIMBY Postcard 2 color-1YIMBY Postcard 2 color-2

YIMBY Postcard 3 color-1YIMBY Postcard 3 color-2

YIMBY Teaser 4 color-1YIMBY Teaser 4 color-2

YIMBY Teaser 3 color

YIMBY Teaser 2 b+w

YIMBY Teaser 1 b+w

YIMBY Teaser 1 b+w

YIMBY Postcard 4 b+w-2

YIMBY Postcard 4 b+w-1

YIMBY Postcard 1 b+wPrint

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