Office Golf Direct Mailer

I got to work on another fun promo direct mail piece for Applied Underwriters. This one was for their golf promo, where they give away golf gear based on number of submissions and quotes salespeople put in during the promo period. I always like these projects because they’re creative, usually playful, and sometimes even cheeky. Sometimes they even enjoy using puns. What could be better.

The first piece comes in a box (with a lovely golf ball print that you can only see when the light is just right) that opens to reveal a tee box and ball to start your very own office golf game.

Inside the packet you’ll find the basic instructions for how to play as well as the leaderboard for how to win your awards for quotes and deals.

My favorite part of course is making the fun illustrations.

As with the other piece I did with Applied, I worked on this for quite a while with the copywriter and art director to refine layout, style and messaging. They then took my files and made a few changes to text, textures, and a few details to get it just right for their mailer. As always, it’s fun to see the final product as it would arrive to any of the clients on their mailing list in its full form.

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