Big Sur Road Trip

It was an incredible pleasure to be hired to work on this project. This audio guide is the perfect accompaniment for your iconic California road trip along highway 1 in San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties through the beautiful Big Sur State Park, whether you’re traveling north or south.

My client found me because of my work in retro and travel related graphics and I couldn’t be more pleased to land a project that so perfectly marries those two passions of mine. We worked together to create the logo and branding, select a color palette and fonts, then I went to town on making all the illustrations that you see throughout the piece while my client provided all the text and layout recommendations. It was a dream project and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Unfortunately, the timing could be better. Due to the fire that hit Big Sur last year coupled with the heavy rain we had this winter, the highway is closed just south of Big Sur, so you’ll have to wait for an update from me to know when the coast is literally clear to set out on the road trip!

Big Sur 1 CoverBig Sur 2 BackBig Sur 3 OpenBig Sur 4 Insert 1Big Sur 5 Insert 2Big Sur 6 Insert 3Big Sur 7 Map 1Big Sur 8 Map 2 detailBig Sur 8 Map 3 detailBig Sur 9 Trio 1Big Sur 10 Trio 2


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