Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament Playing Cards

I created a deck of customized cards for a American Cancer Society Fundraiser at Sereno Group. Every year they host a Texas Hold Em’ Tournament, and one year, with a bit of serendipity, I  had just enough characters to fill the face cards of a deck of cards. They are the managers of the different offices and the president and VP, and all have hobbies or characteristics that make them unique, which I tried to capture with the illustrations. For the full story on how these were created, check out my blog post here.

Texas Hold 'Em Custom Playing Cards

Google Datacenter Manager: The Game

I had the pleasure of taking an existing card game and recreating it using Google apps, colors, and graphics for a side project of a Google/Boardgame/Google employee. See the full post here.

Google Datacenter Manager: The Game

Periodic Table Interpreted

Click here to see my blog post about this project.

Owl Themed Birth Announcement

I created this birth announcement following the theme and colors of a mural I painted in the baby’s room a few months before. I took one of owl characters from the wall, made branch-like lettering for his name to be a part of the tree, and the mother picked 4 pictures of him as he grew up from birth to 3 months, and they sort of grew up the tree from there. There is a slight pop-up where the top half of the tree comes off the page a bit, which gave it more depth.  More about the project can be found here.
Logan Birth Announcement Pop-up

Block Themed Birth Announcement

Same client, second child!

Luke Announcements

 Shirt & Bag Designs

Sibling Revelry Holiday CD

Design for a Christmas card and CD that included music played by my brother and me (and no, it really wasn’t very good), but in a fun retro-style package, where I made the CD label look like an old record.

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