WooCamp Parallax Website Invitation

The event that is called “WooCamp,”is a get-together in the Central California, at a client’s family’s private cattle ranch. I decided to create a parallax website for the event this year, taking advantage of some scenic vistas for backgrounds, and designed the imagery around the theme of the Victorian Adventurer and Explorer. It also gave me an excuse to work with some fun custom lettering for the title. WooCamp, I presume? Click here to see full site.

WooCamp2014 Header w Background

WooCamp Pop-Up Invitation

I have had the pleasure of making now 3 invites for my friend’s annual get-together called “Woo Camp.” It’s a casual get-together that he hosts at his family’s cattle ranch down in the central coast(ish) area of California. In 2012, he suggested a pop-up, so after much contemplation about design and mechanics, (and buying a die cutting machine to cut out the 660 some odd pieces I ended up needing), it came together into a 3 paneled piece. Check out my blog post about the projects and process here.

WooCamp HTML5 Invite

HTML 5 style invite design using Hype.  Same event as the one mentioned above. I created a theme for the invites that was a play on “True Grit” which was just leaving theaters when the time came to make the invites, and seemed appropriately cowboyish. Mimicking elements from their movie poster, I incorporated photos of the area into the design as well. Click here to see full site.

Woo Grit 2011 HTML5 Invite

WooCamp National Parks Style Invitation

The first iteration of a WooCamp invite, in 2010 I created it in the fashion of a complete National Parks Themed guidebook. Items in the invite include permit style rsvp (with carbon copy) and pre-stamped return envelope, guidebook highlighting features of the campsite and things to be careful of, a large fold-out topo map with detailed direction instructions on front and back, All encased in a hand made envelope with twine clasp.

Holiday Party Invite Website

HTML 5 style invite design using Hype.  I created a simple invite website for a company holiday party with the simple task of getting the attendees information about when and where, as well as collect RSVPs from everyone. I worked in some snowflake animations and a live google form. Click here to see full site.

SerenoNewYearParty Screen Cap 1

Where’s the Beef Party

I hosted a beef tasting party, creating these butcher paper wrapped invitations for the event. Please read all about the party and what we learned and why we had it here. A lot went into it besides just the invites, but they were a highlight for me. I created a shipping label that emulated a butcher price sticker, a USDA approved party stamp, a “brand” for the host of the party, and a velum overlay to show what the different cuts of meat were that went over the invite itself, which was the shape of a cow with 3 sections defining what, where and when party details.

Cookie Party Invite

This invite that I built using Hype was for a Holiday Cookie Party exchange. I used a few animations to add a little spark to the menu items, and used speech bubbles that popped up on hover triggers for navigation and labeling. This was a really quick site, just meant to be a little entertaining and get the information to the invitees in a simple, whimsical way. Check out the full site here.


Baby Shower Invite

This was one of the first HTML 5 invite designs I made using Hype. I was inspired to try using Victorian style graphics and typography.  Technically, this was a test of embedding google maps and calendar into site design, which did slow the load time quite a bit, but was convenient for people who use Google to sync events. Click here to see full site.

Baby Shower Invite HTML5

Wedding Recital – Wedding Website & RSVP

Wedding Recital Website - Home Page cropped

Two of my very good friends got married in early 2013 and they asked me to help them with a unique wedding website, to complement their unique wedding. They had a recital with 2 grand pianos facing each other on the main stage. They each of them played pieces  that they either wrote or felt symbolized something meaningful about the other person. The culmination of the ceremony was them playing a song together on one piano, and they very skillfully slipping each other’s rings onto their partner’s fingers while they played. It was pretty amazing.

And they were not bashful about making their big day a big deal. White tie was required, which means women in full-length ball gowns and men in tailed tuxedos. They had a pre-determined color scheme and style, and had already sent out very elegant hand-made Save-the-Date cards with lots of references to music and pianos, which I worked with as source material when I created the invite.

We worked out a google docs form as the backend for collecting the RSVP info which I integrated into the site which I built using Hype. The attire page illustrations and the map graphic are my own, imported as pngs from Illustrator. Feel free to check out the website (sans the rsvp link to the spreadsheet) here.

Zebra Print Baby Shower Invite

The client for this project had very simple art direction. They were expecting a boy, the mom is using teal as her primary color, and she loves zebra stripes. So, working with that criteria, I came up with this notecard sized, singled sided mailer. It is made from cut paper, with some printed overlay (the stripes and body text).  Full post about project can be found here.

Zebra Print Baby Shower Invite

Wedding Reception Invite

I created these invites for a family function celebrating my brother’s wedding. Check out the full post here.

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