Launch & Iterate Tech Talk

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I was invited to Google last week for a really cool Tech Talk presented by the creators of the game Launch & Iterate, that I took part in the graphic design for. It was a really great presentation that gave a detailed explanation of the process of creating the game, from the first email exchange where the notion of making a game was first introduced (a good 2+ years ago now) to where they are now with a final product and lots of positive feedback, with all the lessons learned along the way and the things that went right that they’re most proud of.

Eddie and Jessica walking us through the game’s development


Having worked closely with the team on the project from a relatively early stage of the development, it was still enlightening to hear their stories of all the testing and reasons for all the changes they made along the way. I also learned that their target demographic was actually students who were not already familiar with the genre of Euro-style gaming, which for some reason came as a surprise to me (wait, doesn’t everyone play these games now?? Are you saying I live in a board game bubble?).

Hey, they’re talking about me!


They were very generous in giving me a shout-out in the presentation as the outside professional they hired to pull the game together. I probably couldn’t talk enough about how great of an experience it was to work on this project, and how much I have enjoyed watching (and participating in) its evolution. It was inspiring, and of course, puts the fire under me to once again have a go at creating my own game again.

Presentation Parlance Pitch

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Pitch needs pizazz? Presentation needs to pop? Pictorial pugilist prepared to provide! Positively promote your proposition with properly poignant pictures! Pondering your possibilities to present a painstakingly prepared powerpoint? You are providentially pointed! I’m prepared to pictorialize your presentation with propitious portrayals. I provide polish to proposals with pleasant playfulness. Partnered with my precision and power with the palette, I would be the preeminent person to petition for your project, perhaps? Per your prerogative.


I had a client working on two new presentations. One was an investment pitch where we worked on slides showing company goals, both cultural and financial. The second was an intro to Design Thinking, the IDEO concept of designing through empathy. We pulled together a few slides from a variety of presentations my client had worked on in the past and pieced together a preso for a two-day workshop.

I was able to work with some very basic design guidelines around the company logo. I created a color palette that complemented the existing branding and created icons and graphs to illustrate the data and stories. I really enjoyed the project, and love working on projects like it. Would love to do more!

*special thanks to Phil Holland for help perfecting my alliterative sales pitch.