New Series of Watercolor Paintings


Over the summer, I completed a series of watercolors, the second time I’ve done so for the Sereno Group annual calendar. The images are of points of interest in the South San Francisco Bay, Peninsula, and Santa Cruz Coastal areas, and they will be featured in the 2015 calendar.

It was fun, as painting always is. I enjoyed working on the sunset image over the Baylands park, as making smooth gradients in gauche can be tricky but rewarding. I also really enjoyed painting the ship that sits at the dock in Capitola State Beach, as the colors of the rusty ship were really vibrant and contrasted beautifully against the bright teal water. I also haven’t played much with painting waves, and was happy with how they turned out.

I’d be happy to pass along any extra copies of the calendar that I get if you’d like a copy. Send me an email or leave a note in the comments if you would.

Originals are also for sale. Final sizes are roughly 8-1/2×11 inches.

Jet Set 2014


Hey everybody,

Most exciting news! I’ll be heading out on a rather epic ’round the world adventure this November (less than a month away now).


I’ll be traveling with the beau, and we’ll be gone for just under 3 weeks total. First stop is one night in Tokyo where we’ll be going to Robot Restaurant (right?!). Then on to Bangkok for 2 nights where we will probably see some reclining buddhas and eat some awesome street food. We’ll next fly to a little beach town near Krabi called Railei beach (yes!). We’ll get to soak up 5 days there, before returning to Bangkok to make the 14 hour flight on to Paris. We’ve both spent a little time in Paris however, so we’ll just be grabbing a flight down to Casablanca, Morocco from there. We then have a week to figure out how to get back up to Madrid to catch our return flights to San Francisco. Ideally, we’ll split time between Morocco and South of Spain (still open to suggestions if anyone has advice on where to go or what to do there).

We’ve been planning this for about a year, so the anticipation is high. I’m very excited, even though I’m a little sad to be missing a pretty decent chunk of Pumpkin Spice season. That being said, I’m over-compensating for it right now, so it will probably work out in the end.

That all being said, if you have any holiday card or client gift ideas you were thinking about putting together this season, let me know now and we can get cracking and beat the rush.

Presentation Parlance Pitch

Design, Illustration
Pitch needs pizazz? Presentation needs to pop? Pictorial pugilist prepared to provide! Positively promote your proposition with properly poignant pictures! Pondering your possibilities to present a painstakingly prepared powerpoint? You are providentially pointed! I’m prepared to pictorialize your presentation with propitious portrayals. I provide polish to proposals with pleasant playfulness. Partnered with my precision and power with the palette, I would be the preeminent person to petition for your project, perhaps? Per your prerogative.


I had a client working on two new presentations. One was an investment pitch where we worked on slides showing company goals, both cultural and financial. The second was an intro to Design Thinking, the IDEO concept of designing through empathy. We pulled together a few slides from a variety of presentations my client had worked on in the past and pieced together a preso for a two-day workshop.

I was able to work with some very basic design guidelines around the company logo. I created a color palette that complemented the existing branding and created icons and graphs to illustrate the data and stories. I really enjoyed the project, and love working on projects like it. Would love to do more!

*special thanks to Phil Holland for help perfecting my alliterative sales pitch.