Jazz Garden Concert Poster

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Jazz Garden Concert Poster

My latest concert poster is complete. This year, the college’s end of year concert will feature a group call the Jazz Garden Band. I was asked to design a poster that would be inspired by the artwork they use on their CDs. I loved the idea of a Garden full of musical instrument shaped plants, so I set to work on an illustration that used one of the CD covers for color and style inspiration.

This is not my typical color palette. I actually found it rather difficult to settle upon the colors I was going to use, as I’m much more comfortable in my earth-toned world. But I think it was a great exercise for me to break out of my norm and, dare I say, jazz it up a bit.

How many instruments can you see?

One thought on “Jazz Garden Concert Poster

  1. The poster is absolutely beautiful. And, it is as professional looking as any I have seen. If it is made available for purchase by concert-goers, I am certain it will be seen on many walls.

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