Notation Napkins


I love and hate these.


I don’t go to museums nearly as often as I used to, so it’s not as often that my mind goes through the “art review” tumble. You know, that feeling like you appreciate something, but you also hate it, but want to understand it, but think it’s terribly low, all at the same time.

So, I went to see the Tim Burton exhibit down at LA County Museum of Art (which was pretty sweet), and as I was finishing the exhibit, naturally I was poured into the gift shop. That’s where I found these beauties. In the wise words of someone who recently said them, “I lost 5 minutes of my life thinking about them.” They’re just another kitschy, fun, silly trinket, that someone who either “gets” you, or can’t find anything else under $5, would get you. And I totally adore the idea that you would take something as mundane as the ubiquitous napkin, notorious for being the medium for genius, and “bind” them into a completely useless conversation piece that will get you to laugh for a minute, but in the end, just blow your nose with it.

So why did I get so stuck on them? Why is it boggling my mind still? It’s as if there’s a struggle inside that wants to hate the pop-up commercialism that they completely embody, while simultaneously adoring the complete mockery of it; as if the existence of these keenly bound cocktail napkins are making fun of their own existence. It’s almost so genius, I wish I had thought of it myself, yet if I ever *actually* acted on the idea, I would hate myself eternally. I mean, who would have the gaul to actually bind 3 napkins together, package them like they’re useful, and make some kind of presumption that these napkins are special, maybe special enough to presume that whatever you scribe upon them will be genius? ¬†Or to assume that this packet would be so worth carrying around with you, it could in fact replace paper in that moment of genius? But that’s it- they know you won’t be using it for its intended purpose. It is pure kitsch.

It’s one of the freshest pieces of art I’ve seen in a while; something that got me seriously riled up. The obvious lesson that I’m taking from this is that art is everywhere, not just on the walls in the museum.

Around San Francisco


Last Friday I had the privilege of going on a fun bakery crawl sponsored by Scharffen Berger chocolates. I wrote all about it here on my baking blog, but while I was at it, I couldn’t help but enjoy the perfect October afternoon and evening San Fran was having, and took a few pictures of the places we went along the way.

Not sure I’m equipped for some of the night shots I took, but the colors were still pretty fabulous.

ifAnyone Landing Page

Branding, Design, Web Design


I recently worked on a project for an entrepreneur who has a few apps out there, but the most recent one is called ifAnyone. It’s a Facebook app that you can program to search through your news feed for keywords you find relevant, so that in case your stream is too much to keep up with, you won’t miss anything that you might actually be interested in. It’s a clever way to sort through the onslaught of Facebook data out there.

My charge was to help him set up a landing page that would quickly describe the program and link directly to the in-Facebook app. He asked for “friendly and professional” and after a few ideas back and forth, the final result ended up having bright cartoon elements, both with little Facebook cartoon avatars and the star blast background, while still holding up a straight-forward, easy to read layout. I had fun creating the little characters (always nice to get in a little illustration where you can). I also had fun with the mock names, which I was glad my client was on board to play around with.

I also made business cards utilizing most of the graphic elements of the landing page for a cohesive branding.